Welcome to the Wild, Wonderful World of MinnesotaMushrooms.org

We are the folks behind MinnesotaMushrooms.org, where our passion is anything “wild and wonderful!” We took our name from the energy and wellness aspects of wild ‘shrooms but we don’t limit ourselves to the fungus among us.

We truly enjoy so many different things in life: food & wellness (obviously!), travel into exotic spaces, different sports and events, literature, cooking, and a bunch of different lifestyle pleasures. We work hard, but we play hard too! As you’ll soon discover!

Because you might be looking for some tips about the wild and beneficial mushrooms of our forests, you might really enjoy this video about looking for Chanterelles – truly some of the most delicate and lovely of the wild mushrooms! Watch this, The Mikeology Store on the Hunt for Minnesota wild mushrooms.

If you have a gourmet restaurant in your area that uses local produce, you might even find a dish featuring these delicious Chanterelles on the menu when a forager brings them in!

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